Specialist Physician - Critical Care


M.B.B.S Masters in Critical Care Medicine 

At least 8 Years of ICU Experience

Valid DOH License

Salary: 45K- 55K

Location: Abu Dhabi


1. They will take most responsible Physician (MRP) responsibilities for patients under their direct care.

2. The position of MRP can only be transferred with the agreement of another physician.

3. They will give professional advice and provide technical services, for which they are privileged, to another Specialist or Consultant or their patient as requested.

4. They will both give and request consultations according to the hospital policies on consultations.

5. They will take professional responsibility for the care given to their patients by themselves and any junior medical staff working under their direction in the environment provided by the hospital management.

6. They will be responsible for contributing to the teaching of all staff involved in the care of their patients to ensure that they can do those things that are expected of them by their clinical privileges.

7. They are expected to demonstrate team leadership to the group of staff working directly with them.

8. They are expected to work in a collegiate manner with all hospital staff.

9. They are expected to work within the various rules, regulations and guidelines of the section and Department in which they work.

10. They are expected to contribute to the production of Clinical Guidelines, Critical Care Pathways and Managed care processes as needed for the care of their patients or upon the request from their line managers.

11. Take ‘on-call’ duty, according to the department Rota and the needs of their patients.

12. When on out of normal working hours ‘on-call’ duty, they will take on a temporary MRP responsibility for all the patients left under their care. They will therefore ensure that the process of handover is carried out appropriate to the patient’s requirements.

13. When a Specialist has a temporary MRP role their clinical privileges remain the same. If the normal MRP or one with their same clinical privileges are not available to deal with a problem outside the ‘on-call’ physician’s agreed capability, the situation of emergency privileges applies.

14. The Specialist is responsible for ensuring that the patient and or the family are kept fully informed about their condition in an ethical and humane manner.

15. He/she is also responsible for protecting the patient from anxiety related to partially heard or poorly understood medical conversation. Criticism of colleagues in front of patients or relatives is never good medical practice unless it is in a strict medical legal consultation situation and where they are

prepared to put the criticism in writing.

16. Specialists must discuss with their Line manager all examples of serious or repeated minor failures to perform by other medical staff. This will ensure necessary intervention at an early stage.

17. They will ensure that all the medical records of their patients are completed in an accurate, legible, and timely manner according to the policy on the subject.

18. They will take part in mortality and morbidity meetings in an open and collegiate manner to ensure fairness and truth in the discussions.

19. They will maintain confidentiality in all matters according to the policy of the DOH.

20. They will take a leading role in the teaching of all junior medical staff and will contribute to the teaching of nurses, other personnel, patients and their careers and the public as needed.

21. They will attempt to improve their service to the patients through audit, research, attendance at educational events and the use of the library and other educational facilities.

22. Participate in hospital quality program and be member of quality committees if chosen.

23. Participation in the organization’s quality improvement and safety activities.