Senior, Petrophysicist

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Demonstrate expertise as a fully qualified professional, with comprehensive understanding of Weatherford technology and solutions.
• Participate in project teams and, on occasion, act as the lead on small projects.
• Meet with clients regularly at the operational level to determine needs and facilitate pre-sales consulting sessions. Act as a focal point for clients.
• Create and provide integrated petrophysical solutions to clients, facilitating question and answer sessions regarding answer product delivery.
• Make decisions based on industry standards and past experiences, in compliance with Weatherford policy, seeking technical or managerial advice on challenges falling outside of    normal procedures.
• Work independently or as part of a team without general supervision. Provide technical support and QC to team members.
• Provide technical guidance to junior professionals and technicians assigned to work on a common project or technical area. Supervision over other professional team members is    not a typical responsibility.